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Formed in 1993, AKSolutions is a privately held company based near Dallas, Texas. The engineering staff has a broad range of  experience in telecommunications, industrial controls, aviation and automotive electronics design. AKSolutions was founded  by engineers and melds best-practice design with common-sense engineering.
At AKSolutions our philosophy is simple: design quality products that we are proud of and a provide the best level of customer service. As simple as possible, and no simpler.

Founding Partners

Joe Kilborn
Hal Asbridge
Joe Kilborn
Joe Kilborn began his career in 1972 working in  new product development for the Information Processing Systems group  at Zerox. In 1980 he moved to Sun Exploration and filled a variety of roles designing products for applications as far  ranging as bulk terminal storage and handling, data- and telecomm and phone switching systems, and including a position  as manager of contractor activities. In 1987 Joe moved to Diamond Control Systems, where, as Vice President of  Engineering, he developed products related to bulk petroleum storage, measurement and accounting. In 1995 Joe left  Diamond to pursue independent contract design work full time. Since that time Joe has worked on a broad spectrum of  projects; for customers like Texaco (now Motiva) designing bulk petroleum handling equipment, and most recently for  Andrew Corporation working on electromechanical actuators and network interface electronics. Joe holds a private pilot's  license.

Sadly Joe passed away in March 2021 from cancer. He was my best friend for 37 years and I miss him every day.
Hal Asbridge
Hal Asbridge started his career in 1977 repairing arcade games while attending the Ohio Institute of Technology, which progressed to include robotics repair, training and management positions. Hal relocated to Dallas and joined Decibel Products in 1985, where he designed hardware and software for testing, RF power monitoring and remote control of base station antennas and sub-systems until 2006. Hal has also designed equipment for applications as diverse as home alarm monitoring, petroleum storage, PC-based radio interface cards, GPS vehicle tracking, protocol analyzers and short-range wireless data links, and for customers including Texaco (Motiva), Cirro Energy, Florida Power & Light and the University of Texas at Dallas. In 2004, after Decibel was acquired by Andrew, Hal launched and managed a successful engineering group within Andrew Corporation designing antenna remote control and network interface equipment in the Base Station Antenna group. In 2006 Hal left Andrew to pursue design work full-time at AKSolutions. Hal holds a private pilot's license, and occasionally finds time to fly.

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